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EnergyComet®Slim Weight Loss
ENERGYCOMET®SLIM cutting-edge technology that stops your food cravings by communicating naturally with your brain neurons in their own language and enables you to re-programme your entire ingestive behaviour read more…

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ENERGYCOMET®SLIM makes you a success in completing the “Up To 55KG Weight Loss Programme”!
Up To 55KG Weight Loss Programme” Will Guide You For 10 Weeks Day By Day, Step By Step , On Your Way To Re-Programme Your Ingestive Behaviour And To Melt Your Unwanted Stones Permanently, Physiologically Safely And With Enjoyment!

Why It Is Unique
and what makes it “a must” for you to have

EnergyComet Slim how it works

Tiny, coin-sized, does not affect any body functions, non-medical, light electronic device, easy to wear continuously on a pulse on your wrist using a wrist case
21st century technologies’ wonder aid for your slimming / fasting / health improvement programmes
Modulates your own body signals to suppress hunger
All natural

How It Works
and how it does “your appetite control job” for you

Is your body of normal weight?

Wished you could introduce regular fasting into your life schedule to slow down ageing?

Aimed to get slightly slimmer for that special event?

Provides you unlimited and complete control over your appetite
Facilitates your slimming/fasting/health improvement programmes
Maximises your results and minimises your time to achieve them

Are you 5 – 9 kg overweight (up to 10% above your norm)?

Identified cravings for high-fat and high-calorie foods?
Got used to late night comfort eating?
Gained weight in the winter season?

Frees you to make informed food choices and to re-programme your ingestive behaviour
Arms you for switching to lighter evening meals
Enables you to enrol on your weight reduction course

Are you 10 – 55 kg overweight (more than 10% above your norm)?

Concerned about your serious health risk brought on by obesity?
Struggled to reverse your habitual preferences to fatty and sugary foods?

Failed to stop a compulsive-like intake of food?

Aids you to stay comfortably on your long-term weight-loss programme for as long as it is required
Takes away any discomfort of your rich food withdrawal symptomsSlashes down your excessive appetite

Weight Loss
up to 55kg weight-loss concise programme

EnergyComet®Slim Weight Loss programme This is a concise programme for body weight maintenance / 0.5 – 55 kg weight reduction based on the most recent research, clinical studies and best clinical practices for the control of eating. This programme incorporates scientifically proven recommendations of the research on the environmental and physiological factors that begin and stop a desire for a meal, the regulation of body weight, metabolism and the neural mechanisms that monitor the nutritional state of our body and control our ingestive behaviour. This programme successfully addresses the most serious eating disorder that is obesity.

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EnergyComet®Slim Enables You To Succeed To Reach Your Target Weight,To Maximise Your Results and Minimise Your Time to Achieve Them

what our clients are saying about EnergyComet®Slim

For what felt like a long period of time, I had felt under pressure to lose several pounds for my friend’s wedding. I don’t like diets but, as there wasn’t much time, I had to go on one. I found that wearing that ‘tiny button’ EnergyCometSlim helped so much!

First, I noticed that I didn’t have the same urge to snack often! My ravenous appetite has disappeared altogether, which was amazing.
Essentially, I was able stick to my healthy low-fat diet without deviation which meant losing weight was so much easier than I had ever expected!

— Miss Angela V.

Some time ago I came across to a book which advocated an idea of fasting for two days each week. Apparently, there is a hope to extend one’s life span by doing so, according to scientists’ findings. Not sure about this, though I was hooked on facts that I would be able to lower my ‘bad’ cholesterol in no time through regular fasting. But, to be honest, just a thought of staying away from food even for a single afternoon horrified me. I gave up the whole idea. And then my girlfriend made me a birthday present – this EnergyComet®Slim thing. I was as sceptical of any ways of reducing my appetite as of a fairy tale’s promises. And after of couple of days of sticking this thing to my wrist I thought I was right – my appetite seemed to be the same. That was a couple of days. Somehow, even without too much noticing, I started refusing to join my colleagues’ invitations to share snacks. I didn’t fancy snacks. Then I went into reducing an amount of food for my evening meal as I didn’t feel like being hungry at all. Not before long I came back to that book feeling capable to stay without any food whatsoever for half a day as it was recommended. I am still generally a sceptical man. But you tell me – what do I do with that fairy tale’s promise which came true?»
— Mr Richard Wh.

My life split into two parts – before and after. Literally before I had EnergyCometSlim in my possession and after I got it and embarked upon the ‘Up to 55kg Weight Loss’ course.

My 45 year old body of 168cm height was a formidable 117.8kg. I lost any hope to change anything as all diets had failed on me in the past. I developed diabetes type 2 and it was only when my GP insisted on recommending that I lose some weight I reluctantly started looking for a suitable weight reduction programme.

The ‘Up to 55kg Weight Loss Programme’ came with the aiding equipment ‘EnergyCometSlim’.

Nothing happened first but to my growing amazement from week two onwards my fat started melting bit by bit, week by week and month by month.

Recently I celebrated my first 10 kg loss as my huge victory! My anticipation of the imminent failure gave way to my new hope and trust in the Programme as I have found something that works for me! And I found it very powerful, though miniature, ‘First Aid’ for my wild appetite! I eat so much less now and I am indifferent to all those creamy cakes. I still have to lose a further 50kg but – guess what? I am looking forward to my next two years of staying on the Programme! I learnt how to succeed and my EnergyCometSlim makes this all possible for me indeed! Thank you so much to them!

— Ms Jane A.